The Third Act

What if we all saw age, not as a barrier, but as a new beginning? Featuring sparkling conversation from vintage minds, The Third Act is a podcast that celebrates later life – by putting it centre-stage.

Each episode, writer and journalist Catherine Fairweather chats to some of the world’s most experienced artists, adventurers, actors and entrepreneurs – hearing tales of triumphs and setbacks, exploring the intimate secrets of a life well lived and unpacking tricks for ageing gracefully (or otherwise). Over lunch at the sumptuous Culfords restaurant in Auriens Chelsea, each guest reflects openly and honestly about how they are redefining later living and embracing
life’s next act. Warm, witty and invariably wise, this series will leave you with the strong belief that the best is yet to come.

The Third Act is brought to you by Auriens – a luxury residence in Chelsea that redefines later living.